USA Today’s 10Best American Beer Gardens 2023

USA Today’s 10Best American Beer Gardens 2022

USA Today’s 10Best American Beer Gardens 2021

The Lowry Beer Garden sits within its own park with more than 9,000 square feet of outdoor space, including a covered pavilion. Guests sit at Oktoberfest-style picnic tables while enjoying a selection of draft and bottled beers with Colorado brews heavily represented. The menu includes locally-made sausages, fresh-baked pretzels, burgers, fries and salads.

Denver Bar’s We Can’t Live Without – 2018

Denver was founded over a barrel of whiskey, and ever since that momentous day in 1858, this city has celebrated its liquid assets — some made here, some simply poured here. The Mile High City is renowned across the country for its beer brewed with Rocky Mountain spring water as well as the outpourings of hundreds of craft breweries. Prize vintages are putting Colorado’s wineries on the map, and the distillery scene is booming, too, with local outfits bottling everything from whiskey and vodka to rare herbal liqueurs. There’s even a surging craft cider movement.

21 Best Beer Gardens in America – 2017

Germans probably didn’t invent the concept of drinking outside, but the German-style beer garden arguably perfected it. In seeking out the finest examples of the form on American soil, there were plenty of German (and Czech!) channeling establishments offering bright sun, picnic tables, and boots filled with beer. But there were also less “traditional” flourishes like bocce courts, food trucks, and retractable roofs. We don’t want to get too caught up in haggling over exactly what defines a beer garden (or biergarten, even) — because as long as the critical elements of beer and fresh air are in the mix, you’re much better off pursuing another round than haggling over semantics.

 Simply put, you know a beer garden when you’re drinking in one, and these are the best places in America to do just that.

Pitcher Perfect: Drink Outside at America’s Best Beer Gardens – 2017

The world’s most popular beer gardens might be in Munich, but that doesn’t mean that you need to whip out your passport to enjoy a pint. Beer gardens are cropping up across the United States, giving thirsty patrons a chance to sample local and international brews. The taps might be different, but all the places on our list offer a friendly ambiance and a passion for the craft. From an urban setting in Manhattan to a venue with a koi pond in San Diego, these 23 beer gardens will have you raising a glass.

Denver’s Best Bars 2015 – 5280

Long before the craft beer mega-boom in this country, Germans headed to large biergartens (beer gardens), where they’d knock back steins of locally made ale with friends and strangers at long communal tables. Today there is perhaps no better Front Range example of this concept than the Lowry Beer Garden.

American’s Best Beer Gardens – Food and Wine

Colorado’s legendary craft beer industry is on display at this new 8,000-square-foot space, which offers draft beers and bottles from the state’s top breweries, such as Avery, Odell and Left Hand. Located next to the Wings Over the Rockies Air & Space Museum, the bar is the latest addition to a converted 1939 Air Force hangar that currently hosts offices and a farmers’ market.

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